Best of the Year

5 Most Popular Posts of 2014

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to read my posts in 2014. There is more available to read today than anyone possibly can. For you to take the time and read something I write is really a treasure. I appreciate you.

Now at the beginning of the new year, I look back at 2014 on the posts receiving the most interest. Two were memorials, both for astounding men who I am certain were deeply missed over the holidays by those who loved them. I consider them heroes. The other 3 posts addressed nature, exploration and working with the future. All 5 posts were…

#1 Locust Gap – Between Fallsville, Arkansas and Red Star on AR-16, there’s this breathtaking 3 miles where the South side of the highway falls steeply away and you can look out over thick waves of forested hollows. The US Forest Service is preparing to cut this all to a black and gray slash of erosion. Read “Locust Gap”

#2 Seven Laws of the Millennial – I work with some of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever known at Ozarks Outdoors, and they’re all Millennials. I think many experiences with Millennials went badly, not because of how different Millennials are, but because of how unimaginative we are. So I offered the 7 Laws of the Millennial. Read “Seven Laws of the Millennial”

#3 In Memory of Arkansas Tornado Victims – In honor of my friend’s nephew, I recount the tornados that ripped through Arkansas this last April, killing many. Among those was a man who shielded his children in a bathtub. That’s what parents do: protect their children, and I continue to consider him one of the greatest heroes of the year. Read “In Memory of Arkansas Tornado Victim”

#4 The Moment Just Before… – I believe in experience. It’s all we have to engage our world. Our senses are the only door through which we perceive what surrounds us, all of them interpreted by our brain, itself affected by the world around us. Experience changes people. Read “The Moment Just Before…”

#5 In Memorial of Don Johnson – Another memorial to someone I consider a great unsung hero of Clarksville, Arkansas. Don Johnson hosted his Rock ‘n’ Roll Breakfast show. His was a legitimate radio voice. It came through community radio in your car, home or office each weekday morning, sharing national and community news and interviewing guests. Read “In Memorial of Don Johnson”

I continue to post on this blog, and I hope there’s something here that speaks to you. BTW, if you appreciate fiction, short stories and other creative works, I am also posting on Wattpad! If you’d like to get a glimpse of what’s to come there, please preview my works at!

Again, thank you so very much.