President Obama and Tony Hayward Throw Chump Change at BP Disaster, Whales, Sea Turtles, and Environment

Chump Change

President Obama and Tony Hayward Throw Chump Change at BP Disaster, Whales, and Environment

In June of 2010, I was watching the World Cup when British Petroleum’s Tony Hayward, so very sober, tried to convince us he cared about the Gulf Disaster. pffft. Then why’d he burn sea turtles alive (BP ‘burning sea turtles alive’, Sea Turtles Among Oil Spill VictimsVenice, Louisiana, Boat Captain)?

Like Jimmy Kimmel, I’m calling it BP BS.

Then I watched President Obama, also very sober, kneel down on the Gulf Shores and pretend to touch spilled oil. I wonder… did those light bulbs ever get changed?

Remember when then-candidate Obama won our environmental vote by promising all incandescent bulbs in Washington, D. C. would be changed to energy-efficient bulbs? The “Yes-We-Did” administration fought a legal battle over Obama’s moratorium on exploratory offshore drilling, but just weeks before the Gulf Oil Disaster, Obama opened up off-shore drilling (Obama to open some offshore areas to oil drilling). Now Crush and Squirt are crispy critters in Tony Hayward’s 39-million gallon deep fryer. Not to mention whales are turning up dead from the BP oil disaster (First dead sperm whale found in Gulf of Mexico).

But wait. Let’s do mention whales.

Obama also asked the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to lift the twenty-four-year-old ban on commercial whaling (Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling). He did this in deference to Japan, by the way. Apparently, he never screened The Cove in the White House. Fortunately, the IWC decided in favor of the ban anyway (Plan to overturn whaling ban fails) and against the Japanese School Lunchbox Program.

I’ve heard repeatedly from waitresses that it’s Sunday churchgoers in a restaurant who require a lot of service then walk out leaving the cheapest tip on the table. It surprised me. The same people who believe Jesus said, “Sell all you have and give to the poor” would short the people who serve them. And I find it ironic that the same person who wrote The Audacity of Hope would short us on the environmental change we hoped for.

So why did Obama leave the environment with chump change, I wonder?

Chump change? I pulled out my BlackBerry® to search the internet. Ahh, “chump change” is the clearly inadequate tipping of lower classes by those who consider themselves better than everyone else. It’s like you hand the leader of the free world our children’s future on a platter and all he gives you in return is his 2 cents and a piece of lint from his pocket.

Remember that controversial video? The one telling our children to ‘serve’ the President? Environmentalists served the President. They gave Obama a full square meal, in fact. Environmentalists were part of a team that took the ball into the box in 2008. Then the ball was held in suspended animation before the goal, and Obama’s performance wasn’t significant less than Landon Donovan’s on the fútbol field. Was he even playing for the same team?

Ah well. Maybe the U. S. soccer team won’t let me down.