Camping with Friends

Friends for Life

We have moved four times since having kids, traveling three countries, crossing 37 states. It’s difficult on everyone to leave your friends behind. We console each other that the truest of friends transcend boundaries, both space and time. Moving only adds stories and friendships all over the world. And this has been our experience.

During this last 18 months, we’ve reacquainted ourselves with friends all over the country and added many more.

Every year, on our pilgrimage to The Grand Canyon, we pause in Coconino National Forest. Friends from Tucson to Flagstaff join us in setting up tent city with an amusement park of slack lines, zip lines, and all-terrain bocce. Over a beer, the campfire, and an occasional cigar we catch up with each other’s lives and families. At some point, I think…

These are the moments I want to define my life.

This year as we rolled away, I commented aloud that I always have the most difficult time leaving them. But I look forward to this connection and the connections that await our arrival in other places. This time of bonding in the outdoors reminds us who we are in a most profound way. Lifelong friends and the moments we share with them are magic in that way.

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  1. We always look forward to it too! You’ve got me looking on craigslist now for a popup camper so we can set up a camp home like yours. Impressive!

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