Fundraising for nonprofit organizations includes Instagram strategy because of people's motivation for digital advocacy.

$1.80 Instagram Strategy Motivation

A friend of mine just asked me about Gary Vaynerchuck’s $1.80 Instagram strategy. Becoming part of the Instagram community by contributing your “2 cents” in comments on 9 top posts across 10 different hashtags. I recommend it. Especially in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Why? Because of people’s motivation for digital advocacy.

An organization’s effectiveness begins and ends with every $1 that’s given. That $1 can be money or it can be the value of time, effort, word of mouth. I learned the secret to fundraising from my friend Steve Edmisten in Arkansas. What will make or break any organization is whether they follow up every $1 with stewardship? Someone does not give to an nonprofit organization so they can take their dollar and run. They don’t even give for a thank you.

In 2014, Cone Communications studied people who gave or shared social or environmental activism online. Why did they do that? 79% because the message was urgent. In my experience, that’s the only thing most nonprofits speak to. Everybody believes that their mission ranks. But the same amount, 79%, participated because it was clear to them how their gift would make a difference. 74% saw it as personally relevant to them. 77% easily found the donate/share button.

Someone who gives to your organization wants to be part of your story. That definitely goes for someone willing to give up part of their day and roll up their sleeves for the nonprofit. That also goes for somebody willing to give up their hard-earned cash. They can see themselves in the landscape of your mission and they are trying to make that reality. If you don’t reward that investment with inclusion, you’ll never see their dollar again. You’ve lost their faith.

So what’s motivation got to do with the $1.80 Instagram strategy?

Communication in 2018 is internet by smartphone. By going to the right corner of the right platform (#hashtags in Instagram), you’re going to where your community is paying attention. By listening and contributing, you’re becoming personally relevant to them. By contributing content native to them, you create space for them to see their profile in your landscape. This will make it clear that their contribution will make a difference. Just be sure they can easily find the donate/share button.

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