Scott Volunteering KOA Campground

KOA Scott

Scott Volunteering KOA Campground

At the Allendale / Grand Rapids KOA, we met Scott. He and Gayle live in an RV there where he works as a “Work Kamper.” The two have been full-time RVers for 12 years. Ever since Hurricane Wilma destroyed their Fort Lauderdale home in October 2005. (Click to read more.) “We were left with nothing but the clothes on our backs,” he says. After that, they took to living on the road.

Our paths converged when I unwittingly parked our tent trailer in a tent-only site. It did seem strange we had to back narrowly between a firepit and a pine. But no one realized our mistake until we’d completely set up and relaxed. Scott was apologetic. He’d already asked the owner if we could stay put. KOA regulation prevailed, but he helped us move. He was an example of how to correct a bad situation.

We enjoyed our visits with Scott throughout the rest of our stay. I picked his brain about trailer camping. He enjoyed the experiences we give our kids. “Too many kids stuck inside on iPads,” he said, approving the ropes course we’d set up. My daughter helped him jump on our slack line, and he laughed. “God, I just love my job!”

I do worry about kids being stuck inside on iPads. But the thought of a life stuck in a job or a life you hate terrifies me. What I admire is people like Scott and Gayle, who turn a loss into a life they love.

There’s disaster everywhere, Scott told us. Are you going to sit there waiting on it to come to you? Or are you going to go where you want to go?

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