…oh, for writing environment.

Writing Environment

I mean to write this as less than a rant, more an exploration of places I’ve found around our area, mostly a cry for help. 😛 Since we moved to Purchase, NY, I’ve been looking for an optimal writing environment. Maybe my standards are high. I dunno. All I want is…

  • Coffee on Demand
  • Dependable WiFi
  • Electrical Outlet
  • An Accessible Public Space

Four things. That’s all I’m asking. Is that so much?

The first three I can secure at home, of course. So when I want or need to venture out, that fourth factor becomes kind of critical.

In fairness, everyone keeps sending me to Barnes and Noble. And EVERYONE around gets their coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Both are not bad. I guess here is where my pickiness does surface. My anti-establishment leanings have mellowed a bit over the years. I love working where I can smell a mix of coffee with shelves and shelves of books. But I’d just kind of like to know I’m surrounded and interacting with my community. So I’ve been saving those for last resort.

Another example of my being too choosy may be What a Bagel Cafe in White Plains. I experienced awesome customer service here with THE BEST COFFEE I’ve yet had in the area. But there’s only a few tables squished between display cases and the wall. And only one electrical outlet. So it doesn’t really feel accessible.

I was hopeful for the Greenwich, CT Library as it was reputedly designed for writers. Okay. Maybe. The library itself is new and well-supplied with chairs, tables, electrical outlets. But food and drink is only allowed in the downstairs cafe, which is reminiscent of a hospital lunch room. I don’t care who you are. If you’re a writer, you drink copious amounts of coffee, whiskey, or whiskey in your coffee. …so this place does not pass.

One of my favorite picks is Silver Cafe & Grill. This little place has THE BEST OMELETTES I’ve tasted since coming to NY. A hardwood historical storefront with community members who can stare a stranger down. I love it. But no electrical outlets to be found anywhere. Still, I enjoy it so much I’ll go with a full charge on my computer and work until the battery runs out.

THE BEST OPTION I’ve found thus far is The Black Cow Coffee Roasters. I can’t bike there, but it is close. The service was wonderful. Their room was full of people writing, reading, studying. There’s not much food to choose from: a few bagels and cookies. The 1-hour parking made it feel inaccessible. After asking around, though, I think I may have parking figured out for next time.

Another option, second only by way of distance, is the Peeksgill Coffee Roasters. This is THE RIGHT PLACE! If it were only closer than a 40-minute drive for me. The wait staff is just nice; one or two is friendly. The atmosphere is perfect. The pastries are spot on. They claim to be the best coffee in the Hudson Valley, and I’d agree they are competitive. If you go, I’d recommend their other fare over their crêpes. They’re not bad, but more what I’d call a tortilla than a crêpe.

So again, if you live or visit the White Plains area, check out any of these wonderful establishments. Unless you’re there to write hard all day, you’ll find them all to be a great examples of what this region has to offer.

And if you’re a writer in the area and know where to go, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. 🙂

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