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Though not President of the United States, there are equivalents to the State of the Union for the nonprofit executive officer

Delivering a SOTU

Who knows if you or I will ever be President of the United States. But good communication requires a State of the Union (SOTU) for any organization. You might deliver this in a board retreat, on opening day, or the end of the year gala. All speechwriters agree that it’s a production. A few thoughts …

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Now it's closed, but Grill was a downtown favorite of local Tucson, Arizona.

Hope Indistinguishable

It’s been a decade since Brian and I were at The Grill. Now it’s closed. Grill was a downtown favorite of Tucsonans. I ordered a great burger with a Full Sail from the tap. My friend and I talked about the impossible future of our world. Like we’re the only ones, right? He an environmental …

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First 100 Days of President Trump Nature Environment

A Year Trump’s Nature

On Earth Day last Saturday, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke collaborated on a guest column in the Waco Tribune-Herald (click & read). In it the wrote that “Since January, the Trump administration has been fighting to grow jobs while protecting the air we breathe, …

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The judge dismissed Cliven Bundy, Ryan and Ammon with prejudice. So the Bundys walk.

The Bundys Walk

What does Cliven Bundy’s acquittal mean for advocates? The Bundys include Cliven, his sons Ryan and Ammon. Associated with them are extremist libertarians who believe the government cannot constitutionally own land. For them, the right to bear arms and the right to private land ownership is foundational to liberty. They have advocated their values with …

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What is our final destination? The holiday self-reflection and connections with family and friends have me thinking about a better life in 2018.

Final Destination

Is a better life in the year ahead? Where are we going? What is our final destination? I’m back from the holidays with commensurate self-reflection and connections with family and friends. People thinking about our personal lives. Most are talking… or not talking about our nation’s politics. Many worrying about their jobs, why they have this …

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