Grand Rapids Water

We’ve been moving our storage units from Arkansas and New York in our new Eastown Grand Rapids home. No sooner were the boxes broken down in recycling than a letter arrives from the city. The water line is being replaced on our street. You can guess why. Here’s a hint: Flint, Michigan is 100 miles nearby. The letter even gives pictures for identifying if the waterline into our house is in fact lead. Then it highly encourages us to replace that pipe. We highly encouraged our landlord.

Billboards all over town say, “Decades of work, a lifetime of cleaner water” (City of Grand Rapids). Emphasis the -er. Or the ER. They refer to 12.6 billion gallons of raw sewage the city used to dump into the Grand River annually. Now we’re figuring out you shouldn’t poo where you drink. You should kayak! There’s a whitewater project in the works (Grand Rapids Whitewater).

Clean water is fundamental to quality of life. Nonprofits like Charity:Water,, Mark Ruffalo’s Water Defense, even tUnE-yArDs have been telling us. I’m into the outdoors, environment, and the wellbeing of my family and community. So I’m glad to see we’re listening.


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