Ice Skating New Years

Ice Skating New Year’s Eve

My new year wasn’t shaping up to be everything I wanted it to be. Imagine New Year’s Eve with no plans. We were in a new, unfamiliar place, with no one else to party with. Being outdoors people, we’d just as soon be camping in down jackets and boots as in some dive with stockings and skirts. … so we went ice skating.

Okay, the dive bar idea was a close second I was considering. But otherwise, this was us. And I was depressed a little.

But last year we ice skated Rockefeller Center in NYC. What could top that? So Kristin buoyed my funk with a suggestion. I Googled “Grand Rapids New Year.” Hey! There’s Grand Rapids ice skating also!

With that, the Hedgehogs were out on the town, braving the freezing wind that funneled up Center Street. We passed Millennials stumbling in black and sequins out of clubs until we found Rosa Parks Circle. Last time we were here there was food trucks, street magicians, and art installments. Now the concrete was frozen over with a heated tent and padded walkway lined with patrons.

There’s a fun magic to the bundled bodies of children and partners circling and sliding over a frozen plane. I’m of the cautiously remaining upright ilk who strategically circles the rink. My kids go this way and that. Kristin, as always, makes it all look easy in her confident ease. In the lights of the Christmas trees and shadows of downtown, we found our way into the New Year.

I guess if you look hard enough, you can usually find something. Especially if you surround yourself with interesting and beautiful people. In my case, I’m fortunate to have five of them. My partner and children who are willing to brave this world together with me.

And it appears we’re starting a trend.

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