Labor Day Weekend

The tips of trees are indeed already shifting here. The slightest tinge of yellow at the crowns and edges of boughs. After our summer of travel, we had little motivation to plan an aggressive #LaborDayWeekend. And this is the last weekend before school starts in Michigan. Our family needed an easy, down weekend. Friends recommended looking for campsites in Manistee National Forest.

We woke Friday and leisurely slung our gear into the highlander. No pop-up camper this trip. The family wanted to tent it. So we felt a good deal lighter as we edged the Highlander onto the highway. Pines Point was a reasonable campground, but we were looking for something more dispersed. By midafternoon we were chasing sandy two track.

Even the more remote national forest campsites had tents already set up. And this district is managed as habitat for the endangered species Karner Blue Butterfly. Sites were limited. I was stoked to see a lot of educational signage on “Why Savannah?” Although Kristin and I both chuckle. We’ve seen the Serengeti. Maybe meadow to be sure. But we finally found a shady, positive feeling clearing half a mile from the White River where we set up the tent and stretched our legs. We spent the next 2 days waking up slowly, fiddling with our own projects, sinking our toes in the muck of the river. It’s not glamorous, but…

This is where we’re at in our journey. Both literally and in a more symbolic sense. It’s not exactly what the American labor movement fought for, I don’t think. But going in a new direction. Exploring the natural places nearby. Looking for space just to be. It’s balancing we do and who we are.

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