No Video Here…

Standing in our campground, I heard a high-pitched call. It reminded me of an osprey or a bald eagle. I look around. Pine trees all around the camp. But I didn’t see either. I walked into the woods. As I did, I pulled my iPhone from my back pocket, flipped to the video camera, and pushed the red button. Just in case.

I follow the sound. First, I look in the canopy of the trees, but then the sound draws my attention to the forest floor. I see it. It’s a ground squirrel! And there is another a hundred yards away, making the same sound. I aim the video camera at the squirrel and edge closer. It amazes me that the squirrel doesn’t seem that interested in how close I’m getting to it. Its attention is elsewhere. Focused. Deliberate.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see what the squirrel sees: a coyote.

The coyote looks at the squirrel and looks at the other squirrel. It looked around at other ground squirrel burrows around it. All quiet. He’s looking for supper. He sees me but is just as uninterested. He’s annoyed at that sound of alarm eep, eeep, eeeeping and scaring off any food source in this neck of the woods. Finally, the coyote trots off between trees and out of sight.

I’m ecstatic that I’ve captured this whole story on video.

I look at my phone.

It never turned on.

My experience goes unrecorded.

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