My name is Jamie Lewis Hedges. I’m an anthropologist, communicator, and educator who’s worked with nonprofits for 20 years. I want to help you make your mission the important message it needs to be.

Social Assessment. 

You’ll gain insight as we research your team and user’s experience.

Strategic Retreats. 

We can improve your culture with facilitated activities & reflection.

Authentic Storytelling. 

Engage better with guidance on overall communications strategies.


62% of nonprofits EDs say they have no idea how to inspire vision.


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Many struggle to adapt to the apps, tech, and social trends. Most only post events and fundraising opportunities.

  • Does Facebook show what’s most important about you?
  • What is being broadcast about you on Twitter?
  • Who are you engaging on Instagram and Snapchat?
  • I can help you sharpen your message across all these platforms.

You know how most people see nonprofits?

  • 42% don’t trust charities.
  • 1/2 of the staff doesn’t believe their boss shares their values.
  • 83% of people say family and friends determine if they’ll give.
  • 1/3 of interested people first look at your website on their phone.
  • Then leave if it won’t load in 3 seconds.


I can help nonprofits tell your story.


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As an anthropologist, communicator, and educator, I can help. When people see themselves in your story, they’ll invest. The story begins with you, the people you work with, and that vision you’re working toward. I’ll help you get that message across to people who care.

64% will connect with an organization if it shares their values.

Don’t miss these opportunities to really engage in your community. You’ll get an outside perspective from my look at your organization. I’ll facilitate creative reflection and dialogue among your staff, board, volunteers, and patrons. Together we’ll build a team that collaborates in sharing a compelling story about why you matter.



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