NYC: Culture in Motion

One of the great aspects of New York City is its culture and cultures. New Yorkers love their town. Most have no inclination to leave. We couldn’t coax people we know in the city 30 minutes outside. Theirs is the greatest US city. Why would you go anywhere else? Pfft. LA’s got nothing on NYC. Jersey City? Why are we talking about Jersey? And not one time did we ever experience the cold rudeness so often attributed. We found people here to be extremely kind and welcoming. Yes, most everyone bustles, faces down, eyes on the phone. But more than once we wondered aloud how to navigate the city, and locals on either side came to our aid.

And then the subcultures, neighborhoods, and ethnic communities. Chinatown now includes over 100,000 Chinese in 2 square miles of the lower Eastside. Walking through here you know you’re not in the US anymore. But most ethnic neighborhoods have gone away. Italy is literally little and now, only a few businesses surviving. Still differences are apparent as you go from Hells kitchen to the Village, or from midtown to Harlem. Leave the subway and the architecture isn’t the same, the way people talk and the pace of their lives change. New York City is a fascinating lesson that you cannot lump people into one categorical whole.

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