Manhattan from the Circle Line

NYC: In the Feminine

Thinking of New York City, I can’t help but use the feminine pronoun.

“New York is a girl. …A big redlipped girl, in her late twenties, who still looks damned good in clothes.”

Who knows that reference? Please comment if you do. I first heard it while going west on I-70, looking for space and solitude. I’d never seen NYC. I couldn’t imagine anything soft or attractive about 300 square miles of concrete and 8 million people. And just last August, when we discussed our move to just outside the city, it was in terms of survival.

But now when I look at her, I think of another quote from the same source. “…it’s time you learned what I know.”

(This post is the 1st in a 7-part series on NYC. Part 2 will be posted at 11 AM Mon, April 11.)

6 thoughts on “NYC: In the Feminine”

  1. David Blaisus

    Hi Jamie – David here. Well, I didn’t actually know the quote, but I like it & googled it for you. It’s from Ecology and the Jewish Spirit by Ellen Bernstein. Thanks for your musings, I’m always interested to hear your thoughts & observations.

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