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An indie author. Short novels, brief chapters, captivating stories. Young adult and new adult fiction. Suspense. Sometimes historical fiction. I depict adventure in real places with authentic people and a depth of intimacy you can feel. Read online...!

Jamie Lewis Hedges | aNovelEcho writer of Young adult and new adult fiction. Suspense. Sometimes historical fiction.

I'm Jamie Lewis Hedges

I'm a wanderer and writer. For 20 years I’ve mentored others in culture, ecology, and outdoor living. I lead groups in remote areas of the US and Sub-Saharan Africa. My story includes jungles and mountains, cliffs and caves. I've lived in Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, a cabin in the Pacific Northwest mountains, and a mud hut in Kenya. Currently, I live with my family in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  • sunsets and road trip lifeRun Down the Sun
    The country music group Restless Heart (click to listen) sang one of my favorite road trip songs “Wheels”. The lyrics go, “…it’s an obsession to some / to keep the world in your rearview mirror / while you try to run down the sun.” The song evokes emotions and memories that I love about travel. Glancing at the past behind me. Looking at the unending stretch of […]
  • Distance Between Bear Eyes Outdoors is Commensurate to SizeThe Further the Eyes…
    Touch your eyes. Not too hard. 😛 How far apart are they? There’s this principle that the space between your eyes is commensurate to the size of your body. How far apart are the eyes of a mouse? Yeah. Like really tiny ’cause they’re tiny. Right? How far apart are the eyes of an elephant? So in the outdoors, the further apart an animal’s eyes, the bigger the animal. Nick was […]