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I help small & mid-sized organizations with communications.

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I help small to mid-sized organizations with important missions that need notice. From organizational culture to digital media design, website development to nonprofit consulting. I create engagement by supporting team building, organic communication, and community engagement. The story begins with you. I help you get the attention of the people who care.

Listen to People
Better understand your
organization and ways the
board, staff, membership
relate to it. I explore your
mentions and trackbacks,
interview stakeholders,
trace donor and volunteer
Tell Your Story
Plan and produce the
graphics, photos, videos
that show your mission
and message in ways that
are native to the platforms
where people who care
about what you're doing
are paying attention.
Develop Your Media
Develop digital platforms
and offline meda with
copy editing for UX,
readability and SEO,
attention above the fold,
and common, free tools
for automation and
cloud-based CRM.
Drive Engagement
Drive and inform your
messaging and fundraising
by sharing best practices,
consulting about strategy,
leading how-to workshops,
collaborating together
with you on key

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Why me?

I've worked with nonprofits for 20 years, 11 years in management, 8 in digital media. My background includes team building, experiential education, and organizational anthropology. Among the skills I bring are writing, photography, videography, and graphic design. And my passion is small to mid-sized organizations with meaningful but struggling missions. If you need more engagement over conventional and social media, I can help.

Jamie Lewis Hedges | aNovelEcho travel writer nonprofit organization leader

Projects I've done...

"Jamie is always eager to participate whether it is high-level brainstorming or getting down in the trenches, or researching new territory. We value Jamie’s forward-thinking approach to digital strategy."

Carol Crump, Founder, VisionHero

"an outstanding job of designing our website, social media sites. His training sessions are excellent."

Wendy Nystrom, Board Member, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

"Jamie's attention to our market led us to ...a known travel blogger. It was this cross marketing by Jamie that set EndeavorViet on a path for real exposure."

Jack Woodring, , Director, Endeavor Viet

"Jamie is wonderful to work with. He has lent his considerable expertise to the Sierra Club to help us better communicate who we are...."

Gail Philbin, Director, Michigan Sierra Club

42% don't trust charities.

83% say family & friends influence whether or not they'll donate.

1/3 first see your website on a phone.

...then leave if it won't load in 3 seconds.


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