Snowy Day Writing in a Coffee Shop

Monday’s my power day. Snow days are power days. Coffee shops are powerhouses. So when I got up this AM to check the weather, it was thrilling to see it start to snow again.

Here in Westchester, we’ve not had just a whole lot of snow this winter. Disappointing, for us, because that was one point of excitement for our move here. We got something around 12 inches of the Winter Storm Jonas. Besides that, it’s only snowed here since Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow!

And I’m eager to get to work. Work hard. I’ve got my project list written, and there’s so much to do. You’ll see it all soon. Last week I was researching heavily and putting the ink to paper. This week I’m chiseling out details and putting pieces into place. The excitement is growing for our next transition. Eager to share more, but it’ll have to wait. Stay tuned!

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