Winter Activities for Nonprofits


Engagement is the name of the game with us. If you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly sit around on your posterior kind of people. To lean forward into where we’re at, we’re discovering nonprofits doing meaningful work in our local community and environment. For me, this means taking inventory of what organizations there are throughout …

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Ski Slopes on New Years

Skiing New Years

What to do on the last day of holiday break? What’s within a 15-minute drive? Skiing? Done! I’m thankful that our family defaults to getting out. It’s always been my experience that when I’m down, inside, nothing to do, I’ve got to get out. Literally, outside. So when we found these slopes so close to our …

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Sitting In Patton Cave

Patton Cave

While hiking in Charles C. Deem Wilderness, I led my family to one of my favorite landmarks. Namely, a cave in a ridge that overlooks Lake Monroe. Patton Cave. I’ve been here many times. Once I was awoken in my sleeping bag while camped in the larger cave entrance by the howling of coyotes at …

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Finding Our Balance

It definitely includes travel, nature, outdoor recreation. And it includes people, their communities, and culture. Honestly, we’d love what Ben and his family have at the beginning of Captain Fantastic. I’d like to think we have some similarities. A lot resonates with our community in Northwestern Arkansas. But we needed to ‘level up’. So for 18 months we’ve …

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Mountain Biking Graham Hills

Yes, we just moved to Purchase, NY a minute ago. So I’m new. But I’m also jonesing to get my #MTB on. As I’ve searched for an optimal writing environment, I’ve also searched for some single track. I’m not disappointed. I’m fascinated both by the first places I’ve found with the history. The ‘Old Put’ was the Putnam Division …

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Skinny Dip Swimming in Outdoors Places to Swim Near Me

Ready to Get Naked

(Originally Published May 2003 by the OSU Barometer) As the days get hot, people get naked outdoors! One day last year I was paddling solo down a beautiful creek in the Midwest. I was scouting a route for a trip I’d be bringing the following week. We started out in the early chill of the day, …

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