My 4 Stones of Motivation while Grieving

Damn It! We Are Here!

There is only whatever pain and pleasure we’re given at random among ten thousand things in the single moment of life.

Stop Paying Your Bills

I was sitting in my coffee shop, stressing over how to pay the bills. I know stress is a killer, but it only got worse as, out of my periphery, I see this guy down beside me, and I know. I just know I’m not going to be able to escape from talking to him. I had on my stranger-danger prophylactics: headphones. And I stared hard …

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Enlightenment and Evolution in Crises

Nature Here & There

Now that we’re landed for a while, we’ve unpacked our boxes to find our plates from every state we’ve lived. Where does this lead? I think it’s time for two things: 1) going deep into what’s here, and… 2) broadening our minds for where we’re going. This reminds me of my first backcountry experience in …

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Fitness and Roadlife

It’s like my grad school roommate, Fred Anderson talked about “allowing yourself to be three dimensional.”¬†@krystaldiaries¬†got me thinking with her post on “Why I Don’t Feel Guilty Missing a Workout. The gist is that it’s supposed to be fun, and making memories are more important. So… “How can the experience lead to positive results if …

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Finding Jesus in a Bar

I Found Jesus in a Bar

I was shocked to find cowboys singing karaoke. Not wannabes. Real hardcore cowboys. We were in a small saloon on the edge of Tucson, Arizona occupied by leathered ranch hands and desert rat women. All hard. All looking like they were going to kick our ass when we walked in. The bartender recognized and welcomed …

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