Ammon Bundy Oregon Standoff

Not Entirely How the West was Won

This scene was riveting for a writer interested in culture, conservation, and western states. It effed all productivity. I’m staring at an audio stream on my laptop and binging on potato chips. My wife asleep beside me, I’m like Chandler on that one where he ignores Monica for a high-speed car chase on TV. I …

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Bundy Militia Response in Nevada

Too Close to a Green Waco

This last week we came too close to another Waco that, this time, would have included the cattle industry, BLM, as well as conservationists. It would have been a bad incident to repeat. It would have been a bad incident for conservationists to be involved in. It was too close. But the precedent it sets is even worse. Cliven Bundy is …

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