Top Posts of 2016

Top 5 Posts of 2016

This has been an incredible year for the Hedgehogz and myself. We definitely leveled up in adventure through roundtrips and long distance moves. While finding our home in Western Michigan, my own ambitions have been in consideration. What do I want to do with my life? Oft asked by teenagers, graduates, and stoners, now I’m asking this at 46. Then there was a certain presidential election. All this inspired a lot of writing and camera footage.

Top Posts of 2016

  1. Trump on Environment  (54 Views) outlining what environmental action we can expect to see.
    A Trump Caterpillar
  2. Trumpets in Backcountry  (51 Views) about backpacking with a friend and his shofar.  
    Blowing Shofar in Backcountry
  3. Hippies in a Bar  (47 Views) reflecting on activism in Oregon in consideration of current challenges.
    Hippies at a Coffee Shop
  4. A Jammin’ Day  (44 Views) celebrating our friends in the Buffalo Headwaters of the Ozark Mountains.
    Mountain Biking June Bug Jam
  5. Westchester in Rearview  (37 Views) as we rolled out of New York State, I bid her a fond farewell.
    in Rearview Mirror on Roadtrip

BONUS! Coming in at…

6. KOA Scott  (37 Views) was the inaugural of more profiles that you’ll see on aNovelEcho in 2017.

I hope that this new year finds you well and engaged in the future. It will be exciting, challenging in many aspects, but an opportunity for growth, regardless. Please watch aNovelEcho for more travel and nature writing. You’ll continue to see videos and writing. This year you’ll see more leadership profiles, self-help for the field, and historical fiction.

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