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A Jammin’ Day

The Headwaters Community includes back-to-landers in remote parts of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Since the ’70s they’ve made their living where they can, surviving on their land, raising their family the best they know how. They built the Headwaters School in 1976 as a place they could collaborate in homeschooling. Two days each week, this place and these folks were our saving grace in Arkansas.

The annual fundraiser for the Headwaters School is the June Bug Jam. Members of the community pool their resources and work to contribute to this event. For two years, the Ozarks Off-Road Cyclists have helped by scheduling a ride on the Upper Buffalo Mountainbike Trails. So there’s mountain biking in the morning, bands, activities, raffles, and food in the afternoon! There’s nothing like coming off the trail to a shiitake mushroom and lamb burger wrap! Mostly, there’s nothing like returning to the embrace and celebration of friendship and community.



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