Pizza Over a Campfire

Campfire Pizza

The truth Is, Kristin and I are pizza snobs. We started Pizza-and-a-Movie Nights while dating 12 years ago. We have carried on that tradition ever since. As we travel and camp with our family, we’ve had to find creative ways of making our own pizzas at the campsite. And I like to use whatever materials we have available. I can’t say this is the best for everyone, but for us, it adds another layer of creative MacGyvering.

We tested to see if we can do an oven for pizza over the campfire. We got the coals going underneath a grill grate. Stacked rocks around for insulation. Warning: some rocks will explode with heat if they keep any moisture at all. Then we stacked our firewood over the top. Another log or two was staged to place and remove as a sort of door. We put the pizza in and covered it back up.

The trick is having enough heat without flames so large they burn the pizza. We did not quite nail that this year. We got it a bit too warm. And we used a combination of charcoal and kindling. The pizzas got a little burned on the bottom. So next time not as many coals or have the grill grate a bit higher. But some weren’t too bad.

I know there are lots of ‘ovens’ and techniques. We managed to make homemade pizza over an open flame with what we had around our campsite. 😛 And we’re in favor of that.

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