Finding Our Balance

It definitely includes travel, nature, outdoor recreation. And it includes people, their communities, and culture.

Honestly, we’d love what Ben and his family have at the beginning of Captain Fantastic. I’d like to think we have some similarities. A lot resonates with our community in Northwestern Arkansas. But we needed to ‘level up’. So for 18 months we’ve been discovering what that means for us. Like Graham Averill wrote, it’s all about balance. (His article is a great read for parents.)

Leaving Arkansas we wanted a #VanLife sort of thing. But we are two adults and three kids. So yeah, that’s not gonna fit. So we thought about an RV. Single digit gas mileage. No bueno. Maybe an RV trailer! Something to sustainably pull 32 feet of a home. We lost $6000 on a used car dealer then landed a Toyota Highlander hybrid. As we’re downsizing, it occurs to us that a life on the road is subverting our other objectives. Namely, Kristin’s academic career. Not gonna give that up.

So by fits and starts, we arrived as part-time wanderers with a pop-up camper trailer. It’s working for us. Since this time last year, we’ve gone 37,000 miles, crossed 27 states, and visited friends all over our country.

This month we’re settling into Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’re acquainting ourselves with our roadside home before continuing our travels. Trying to find our balance.

If you’re watching us on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, you’ve seen posts from this corner of Michigan and our country. You’ll continue to see that through the end of this month.

Next month: We’re going west! Check the calendar below for more info.

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