Shoveling Michigan Snow

Grand Rapids Snow

With snow in Michigan comes a certain beauty. The white that covers the forest floor. The limbs and twigs of the trees. The ice and snow that moves along the Grand River. But the snow and ice covering what’s manmade can be a little less attractive.

You gotta drive on this stuff.

All things considered, it’s pretty amazing how adapted to cold and snow Michiganders are. They stood in their shirtsleeves while we were bundled in fleece on a 40-degree day. Like rain for Portlanders, snow for Michiganders is par for the course. It doesn’t seem to slow them down much.

So when we considered whether to hire snow removal service or invest in a snow blower, I declined. I could do it, with my own bare hands and a good shovel. This would be my morning workout. High powered shoveling. All I had to do was stay on top of it as the snow fell. Not let it get ahead of me. Which I did.

The first 8 inches.

After 16 inches, finishing the back and walking out front to see my clear driveway covered again? Maybe I’m reconsidering.

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