Natural PCB Survives

What’s interesting, in Florida and elsewhere, are places where natural survives. For one, there’s the beach, in spite of BP (click for more).

Florida holds a special place in my heart. I lived here for 5 years. The blue-green translucency, white powdery sand, swells of green panicum and cordgrass are meditative. So with throngs of holiday beachcombers, we spent three beautiful days enjoying the #saltlife.

But I didn’t feel like I had yet felt @thelocalbrand of culture and environment. So we left the beach and went to Conservation Park to check out watchable wildlife of a different kind. It’s not native Florida, per se, but it’s restoration at its finest.

Five minutes from Front Beach Road, this park is also connected to the FL-79 paved trailway. Trail surfaces here vary between dolomite, wood chips, and sand. The real treasure here is the well designed, well placed educational signage. As a family we did the green loop, reading the signs and watching for bear, bobcat, or wild pigs. We had as much luck as we did looking for sea turtles on the beach at midnight.

As the family finished the last quarter mile, I fast tracked to the back of the property. The 2900 acres were in various states of secession. Some marked by a prescribed burn. Some stands of pine replanted from the tree farms of turpentine production. Another biker snuck up behind me. Passed with a nod from his sleek bike. I’m huffing and puffing, my ungreased bike clickety-clacking. Embarrassing.

But hey! I’m at my own stage of secession. …and my natural’s surviving.



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