Packing Nicely

We’ve been packing up the two-bedroom apartment we’ve been in over the last nine months. There are times when I do not play well with others. I know this surprises you. But packing to move is one of those times. But we’ve learned a few things over this year. It’s been a lot easier, this time than it ever has been before.

We have fewer things because we downsized our possessions and left half of those in Arkansas. We haven’t been here long enough to gain the clutter that gathers without asking. And we’re getting better at our strategy. Kristin and I made lists on the dry-erase board and on Google Keep. What she was taking point on and what I was taking point on. I’ve been trying to let go of things that aren’t mine. I tried to reserve insistence for a few things that are most important to me. We gave ourselves more time and space to work the plan.

So after three weeks, even with trips and visitors, boxes now line our dining and living rooms. We’ve loaded our pop-up camper. What’s left is awaiting the Penske moving truck. And we’re still smiling at each other.

…mostly. 😀

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