Ski Slopes on New Years

Skiing New Years

What to do on the last day of holiday break? What’s within a 15-minute drive? Skiing? Done! I’m thankful that our family defaults to getting out. It’s always been my experience that when I’m down, inside, nothing to do, I’ve got to get out. Literally, outside. So when we found these slopes so close to our house on an otherwise unplanned day off, it was a no-brainer.

Kristin has lots of skiing experience from here to Switzerland. I’m a different story. I enjoy skiing, but I’ve never been frequently enough to develop my skills. The first-time skiing, I was impressed with my children. From the youngest, learning behind the legs of a more professional skier. My daughter, who pushed herself down the slopes until she found her stride. To my elder son. I honestly failed to get any pics or video of him. From the time we arrived, he shot straight down the slopes, over and over, as though a snow baby from birth. So I rarely saw him the entire time we were there.

For Kristin and I, this was the first time we’d been skiing since a romantic getaway we took while dating. I watch our kids on these slopes, taking in yet another outdoor sport as though it’s their second nature. And I think about the conversations she and I had about our life together. We’d determined that we were not going to change our lifestyle to accommodate children. Instead, we were going to bring our children along into the lifestyle to which we were dedicated.

Watching them today, it feels as though we may have been successful.

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