Something ’bout a Beach

We’re halfway through the summer! Holidays, vacations, and reunions. I’m betting dollars to donuts yours had or will have something to do with the water. The last two family reunions we’ve taken part have involved visits to beaches. One beach in the Gulf, the other Great Lakes. There’s a connection between returning to your familial roots and that draw we feel to the water. Despite the risk of undertows, storms, and tsunamis, we crave the interface. People all over the world gather at the limit of solid footing, at the edge of the deepest abyss.

I’m not the first to think this resonates with the primordial deep of our human evolution. It still fascinates me. I think of Django Walker’s song…

Something bout a boat sitting on the sea
Out there in the wind, floatin’ on the free
Take her round the world, bring you back home
Gives a man hope, something bout a boat

The placid surface of the water reflects our images back to us. Even water in a tempest reflects the demons and better angels of our natures. Staring into the abyss of the Great Lakes or the seven seas gives us consideration. And in my experience, personal reflection is one of the sacred spaces of our lives. It leads to enlightenment.

As summer days wane, may we find space between packing, navigating, and slathering sunscreen. My hope for you is that you visit your “one particular harbor.” In the deep, slay your dragons and find the hero within you.

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