Winter Activities for Nonprofits


Engagement is the name of the game with us. If you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly sit around on your posterior kind of people. To lean forward into where we’re at, we’re discovering nonprofits doing meaningful work in our local community and environment. For me, this means taking inventory of what organizations there are throughout the state of Michigan, Western Michigan specifically. Who is doing work that resonates with me?
One such organization is the Izaak Walton League. For a wintertime fundraiser they organize “Winterfest” on their property. There’s activities like archery and candlemaking to keep you warm in below freezing temperatures. It’s an opportunity to get to know other people in our community, and an organization advocating wise use of our natural resources. And for a family who enjoys the outdoors, this was a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather, enjoy other people, and do some activities around the fire. It beats just sitting indoors and wallowing in our winter funk.
And maybe a broader application, for me, is that remaining isolated in our place of comfort is not just the best way to weather the challenge of winter.
 [ ] Take inventory of what’s nearby that you identify with.
 [ ] Research what events are going on nearby and attend.
 [ ] Reach out with a smile and talk to people.

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