Yoholo Micco Trail

You know I’m a big fan of parks and trails development. And despite a persistently struggling economy, Eufaula, Alabama has so much to offer. This Rails-to-Trails pathway is one of them. Tuesday, I hit the Yoholo Micco Trailhead across the street from the Chamber of Commerce. That building itself is a renovated Georgia Railway Storage Depot. The trail on Google is about 3.3 miles long in total, finishing at the Old Creek Town Recreation Site. Last November, I rode the 6.6-mile out and back with my nephew and son. It was a balmy Thanksgiving weekend and lots of locals were walking the trail. This day was no different. As I assembled my bike and don my helmet, at least a dozen children, teens, adults passed by.

I pedaled past newly installed interpretive signs. My favorite sections parallel Lake Eufaula (Walter F. George) and surrounding wetland areas. Great White Egrets, Osprey fly overhead. Fishermen and women float beneath the bridge. I ran most of the trail out and back then returned to the trailhead. A family was passing high fives, celebrating their 3-year-old walking his 1st mile. This trail and the developing green space around it is smart. It’s good for the economic and physical health of any community. Smart move, Eufaula.




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