Westchester in Rearview

in Rearview Mirror on Roadtrip

As you read this, we are driving our pop-up camper and Penske truck to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The first leg of our summer adventures: relocating. Westchester County, New York is now in our rearview, and ours is a bittersweet goodbye.

For 9 months we lived within striking distance of NYC, 30 minutes north of the 5 boroughs . Though Westchester County is the next county north, New Yorkers still consider it upstate. There is lots of “suburban” development throughout the county. But we found there to be ample natural areas and outdoor recreation for people like me and a family like ours. I frequented the many trailways. We explored the many communities, each within five minutes of another. Pleasantville was my office away from home, at Black Cow Coffee Company, mountain biking at Graham Hills, and shopping at the Farmers Market. Rye was our playground, having Rye Nature Center, the YMCA, Mrs. Green’s and above all else, Chicken Joe’s. Tarrytown was a terrific haunt if you love beer, coffee, history, culture, and the outdoors. And I’d have to say, were we going to live and/or start a business in the county, I’d advocate for Peekskill. I’d agree that Peekskill Coffee House is one of the best venues for a writer (here). And I discovered this town is up and coming (here).

I will miss all of these but especially the friends we have made living here. There are some people you meet and know they will be a part of your life forever. To Manhattanville College, Purchase, Westchester County, and New York: thank you. You have been a treasure.

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  • Michelle Robbins
    2 years ago

    We loved following all the posts of you and your family. It is nice to know that there is another part of New York that many don’t know even exists. Love that nature is a true part of your life and how many learning opportunities you have given your kids involving nature. Maybe you can show Scott and me some in Minnesota.Love you all!

    • omg, sometimes it’s a run for our lives. 😝 Thanks so much for the comment! We’re pretty thankful for what we’ve been able to do. Looking forward to discovering what Michigan has to offer.

  • Vickey
    1 year ago

    This blog is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.

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